A comprehensive European solution to ensure the security of your information systems

Cyber Security Management protects and secures information systems and company infrastructures. We implement both preventive and defensive measures to maintain the integrity of all operations. Our goal is to protect the confidentiality of your data.  

Cyber Security Management stands for:

  • A personal approach to your IT systems
  • A team of certified specialists
  • Cutting-edge technologies

Our industries


The health sector is in the midst of the digitisation process, making it one of the favourite targets of hackers today. Ransomware, data theft, DDOS... All attacks that can cause considerable damage. Not to mention the fact that patients' lives can be endangered. Our solutions, of European origin, enable the security, management and access to data, as well as the protection of infrastructures. 

Banking &

In a highly regulated environment, banks must ensure maximum protection of applications and data. With the continued digitisation of customer paths, the area of attack is likely to grow even bigger. We have the expertise to assist you in deploying solutions and services. Traceability, compliance and risk management are essential to us. 

Industry &

Digitalisation, including IIoT in particular, has the effect of intensifying the interconnection of industrial companies with their suppliers, partners and customers. This increases the frequency of risks and the impact of attacks targeting these systems. We support you in defining your priorities and provide you with turnkey solutions for your digital migration projects.

Sector &

There is a need for administrations to master the "digital" heritage in order to ensure the continuity of services to their citizens. We help you protect your data and respect the privacy of citizens. We protect national infrastructures against all acts of cybercrime. 


Too often, security in cloud computing environments is seen as the responsibility of cloud service providers. However, the responsibility for protecting corporate data in the cloud is also and above all the responsibility of the user. CSM provides solutions that secure information access, collaboration tools and also mailboxes in Office 365. 


Malware and ransomware are the most common types of cyber attacks that occur in the retail industry. Protecting customer data, financial information and growth plans are the new cyber challenges in retail. CSM supports you in these strategic changes with solutions that guarantee the security and integrity of your data. 

Our people

Peter Braem, Founder & Chairman

Peter Braem
Founder & Chairman

Peter Braem has led a great career working with the biggest and the best. New technologies and IT have no secrets. His strength? A perfect understanding of technological issues.

Christophe Vanmalleghem , Partner

Christophe Vanmalleghem

With more than 20 years in the IT sector, Christophe can rely on a strong experience to drive teams forward. He has a proven track record of growing company profitability while nurturing talent and culture.

Jean-Pierre Heymans, Partner Praxis

Jean-Pierre Heymans
Partner Praxis

Jean-Pierre has more than 10 years of experience in the field of data protection and information security. He has extensive technical and legal expertise in all sectors.

Maxime Rapaille, Cyber Security Director

Maxime Rapaille
Cyber Security Director

Maxime is an experienced CISO, Risk, Security and Privacy consultant for different sectors like Banking, retail, Law, industry... He has been working in the field of Security and risk since 1999.

Yves Mathy, Business Development Manager

Yves Mathy
Business Development Manager

Professional, persistent, results-oriented… All these adjectives describe Yves, who joined the team in January 2018. A new challenge that he is already rising up to meet in brilliant fashion.

Christophe Hohl, IT Technical advisor

Christophe Hohl
IT Technical advisor

With more than 20 years in the IT sector, Christophe leads companies in finding the solutions that best suit their security needs. His motto? Keep it simple.

Nicolas Boucquillon, Regional Sales Manager

Nicolas Boucquillon
Regional Sales Manager

Passionate about IT security from a young age and having worked around the globe, Nicolas Boucquillon has acquired a clear vision on the security problems encountered by companies today.

Anita Pint, Office Support

Anita Pint
Office Support

Anita is the silent force within Cyber Security Management. She is in charge of all things administrative while making sure deadlines and objectives are met.

Shauni De Donder, Regional Sales Manager

Shauni De Donder
Regional Sales Manager

Shauni De Donder has a Master's degree in Business Administration and Management. She joins the CSM-team as Regional Sales Manager, responsible for developing the company's activities in the north of the country.

Stéphane Heynen , COO

Stéphane Heynen

With a long career as COO and business consultant, Stéphane Heynen is responsible for setting up a series of business processes to give CSM more structure and make it grow exponentially.

Sophie Lambert, Communication Strategist

Sophie Lambert
Communication Strategist

Sophie Lambert has been a consultant in content management and press/influencer relations for more than 20 years and is also a lecturer at two Brussels schools.