We really like working with CSM because they bring an added value that other partners cannot bring. And that's what we really need today as a start-up: a solid partner who can bring all of us to the right end customers.
Geert Baudewijns, Secutec
CSM is one of our long-standing partners on the Belgian market. We'd like to thank them for that, and we love working with them because CSM actually promotes our solutions. CSM has technical and commercial expertise in our offering and is therefore able to offer it to its customers.
Christophe Malapris, Vade
The fact that CSM offers European solutions is a significant advantage. It is also much simpler in the context of the GDPR. Moreover, CSM is a local partner who understands the specific needs of our region.
Cédric Cantillon, RTBF
CSM’s staff are high-qualified experts, motivated and dedicated to their job. We choose CSM because they mainly have European certified products in their portfolio with the right experts to advise and to support state of the art technologies.
EU Institution
When we met with CSM, we wanted an efficient solution that would allow us to track and manage all user access in a very fine detail... The Wallix Bastion proposed by CSM perfectly matched these expectations.
Nicolas Locoge, FPS Chancellery

Our network of European partners

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